High Pressure Transports

High Pressure Transports

IGX’s team has successfully built over 500 high pressure gas transport systems, making it a leader in the design and manufacturing of composite cylinder based gas transpors. Composite cylinders provide a lightweight, high pressure package for storing compressed gases with pressure up to 7,500psig. CNG applications typically use transports with 3,600psig cylinders while more compressible gases such as hydrogen, helium, and air will use cylinders ranging from 5,000psig to 7,500psig.

IGX has four basic lines of gas transports, but also provides customized transport and storage options for its clients. Additionally, IGX has developed a line of accessories that support some of the specialized applications of its equipment. The main product lines are:

MicroPak Series

The MicroPak series consists of a line of multi-cylinder trailers with 350bar/5075psig cylinders designed primarily for hydrogen, helium, and air. The smallest MicroPak trailer weighs less than 1,000lbs which allows for a non-HazMat licensed driver can haul.


GT (Gas Transport) Series

The GT product line of transports can typically be towed with a standard sized pick-up truck. Cylinders ranging from 3,600psig to 7,500psig can be used in these models and all can incorporate gas specific accessories such as:

  • A heated regulator system (HRS-2) for CNG
  • Booster pumps for CNG refueling and defueling
  • Pressure reduction systems for other gases


MicroRefueler Series

The MicroRefueler product line is a hydrogen specific transport designed for filling cylinders up to 10,000psig. Designed primarily for filling cylinders on fuel cell powered drones, the MicroRefueler provides the only small, mobile, high pressure filling device on the market.


Bulk Gas Transports

The BGT product line offers a type 3 composite cylinder based transport specifically designed for hydrogen, helium, and carbon monoxide.