H2 Power Fuel Cell Generators

H2Pwr portable generators 

The H2Pwr represents a whole new concept in zero-emission power generators capable of providing back-up or primary power with no emissions and whisper quiet efficiency. H2Pwr integtates within a portable trailer the most reliable fuel cells on the market and high pressure, composite cylinders for storing hydrogen. Additionally, IGX provides H2Pwr systems for stationary power applications as well supported by IGX’s H2 Fueling services group for on-site hydrogen fueling. These H2Pwr systems provides the most reliable power generation solution available on the market today. No dependency on the sun or the slow charging of batteries, H2Pwr generators can be quickly refueled and run uninterrupted for months.

The H2Pwr product line is being standardized, but today, several basic models are available for purchase or lease. IGX’s H2Fueling division can provide nationwide, hydrogen refueling services as it currently does for all of the major cell phone companies in the USA. H2Pwr customized solutions to meet varying power needs are also available.