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We are primarily a hydrogen centric company whose main objective is to support a sustainability strategy that promotes clean energy technologies for a cleaner tomorrow.

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Our Products and Services Have Three Elements

Our affiliate companies, NorAm Valves and Gas Transport Leasing all play a strategic part in supporting that mission. The bulk of IGX’s business centers around the use of composite cylinders for the storage and delivery of high-pressure gases whether it be the equipment itself or providing services using or supporting the deployment of that equipment.

IGX Has Four Main Business Units


High Pressure Gas Transports

IGX’s equipment division is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas transports for gases such as hydrogen, helium, breathing air, natural gas (CNG), and nitrogen. As a result of using composite cylinders, IGX’s gas transports allow its customers to increase gas payloads by over 3 times when compared to traditional steel tube trailers. Trailers range in size from those that can be towed with a pick-up truck to larger, bulk transports that are towed with a semi-tractor. Regardless of which one transport you use, you’ll be moving greater gas volumes for less weight.

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Retesting and Retrofit Services

To support its own equipment sales and other vendors of composite transport equipment, IGX offers retesting and retrofit services. Offering five-year, DOT cylinder retesting services is essential to the long term support of IGX’s composite cylinder transports and equipment. Optional retrofit services provide customers with the ability to add, redesign, and upgrade features on their transports. IGX also supports, tests and retrofits a number of products that were manufactured by Luxfer-GTM Technologies, prior to its closure in mid-2019.

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H2Pwr-Fuel Cell Generators

IGX has launched its H2Pwr line of zero emission, power generators that integrate state of the art, hydrogen fuel cells with IGX gas transports. This provides customers with a highly reliable, whisper quiet, zero emission source of electricity. Applications include back-up power for critical infrastructure and primary power for environmentally sensitive areas.

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H2 Fueling

Using IGX’s high pressure gas transports, IGX’s H2 Fueling group provides on-site, fill-in-place hydrogen refueling services for remote fuel cell installations. These fuel installations contain stationary, hydrogen storage cylinders with working pressures ranging from 3,000psig to 5,000psig. As a result, IGX’s high pressure refuelers make refilling on-site storage a quick, easy, and safe process. IGX services most of the major communication companies that use fuel cells at their cell tower sites for backup power. Further, IGX supports a variety of other applications ranging from hydrogen vehicles to drones.

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Retesting and Retrofit Services

IGX provides DOT retesting, retrofitting, and repair services to support its products along with those fabricated by the former Luxfer-GTM Technologies.products.

  • DOT Retesting – Testing capabilities for a variety of cylinders made by Luxfer-USA, Luxfer-Canada, Worthington, Catalina, and Winkelmann.
  • Repair Services – Repair services for composite cylinder based transports require specialized and unique capabilities. IGX’s team is experienced and qualified to handle most assignments.
  • Retrofits – IGX provides a variety of retrofits and upgrades for composite transports. Popular retrofits include:
    • The addition of heated regulator systems
    • Integrated booster pumps for mobile refueling, and
    • Customized control systems.
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IGX began providing hydrogen refueling services in 2012 to support the growing number of hydrogen fuel cells being used as back-up power at critical cellular sites.

With over 3,000 sites under management, H2Fueling provides “fill in place” hydrogen services to sites ranging from urban areas to remote locations around the country.

H2Fueling has locations a nationwide presence to provide hydrogen refueling services to other industries embracing fuel cells to keep critical infrastructure on-line.

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