IGX is committed to addressing the global need for low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen. Our high-pressure, cylinder-based hydrogen transport, storage and fueling solutions make hydrogen easy.

IGX Group is now wholly owned by BayoTech.

Product Portfolio


Gas Transport
Trailers and Storage

High-pressure gas transport of hydrogen, helium, breathing air, natural gas, and nitrogen. High-pressure, cylinder-based gas transport trailers carry three times more gas per truck than traditional steel tube trailers. Higher payload means lower transportation costs, fewer emissions, and safer roads.



On-site, fill-in-place hydrogen refueling services for fuel cell applications. High pressure refuelers make refilling on-site storage cylinders a quick, easy, and safe process. Fuel cell applications supported include backup power systems at remote cell tower sites, hydrogen vehicles and drones.



Zero-emission power generators combine fuel cells and high-pressure hydrogen storage. Portable generators provide a highly reliable, whisper quiet and clean power source. Ideal for both backup and primary power, systems can be quickly refueled and run uninterrupted for months.


Cylinder Retesting, Repair & Retrofits

Retesting and repair of composite cylinder-based transport equipment to meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards. Retrofitting services to add, redesign or upgrade features on gas transport equipment. Support of Luxfer equipment.

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Affiliated Companies

NorAm Valves – is a premier specialty high pressure cylinder valve and safety systems manufacturer.
Gas Transport Leasing – our asset leasing arm